About Us

Hello! Wonderful to meet you here on our website!

My name is Rebecca and I have very sensitive skin and picky about textures. I used to think it was a curse but it has become a huge blessing as I have discovered I am alone!

With my husband Aaron's help (I could not have done this without him!) we started this company,

All Natural Shea Butter in 2012.

We blend shea with coconut oil and pure essential oils to create a creamy skin-pampering experience that helps with sunburn, wind burn, insect bites, cuticle repair, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, rough heels and the drying effects of the harsh Midwest winters. The texture is AMAZINGLY smooth without the stickiness of lotion. It also lasts longer as it absorbs into your skin so nicely!

We believe in providing the best quality moisturizer without adding any unnecessary ingredients.

So others like me with sensitive skin and allergies can read the label and see right away if they can use it or not.

All Natural Shea Butter is non-toxic and contains no fillers like water, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, glycerin or dyes.

Also gluten-free and vegan. :)

I found what raw shea butter was in the marketplaces when I lived in West Africa for 9 months and then I moved to South Dakota.

I needed to find something that worked for the bitterly cold, dry winters and the hot, sticky summers!

Silky smooth shea butter’s healing and moisturizing powers are no secret — it has been extracted from the nut of the shea tree for thousands of years.

Have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

If you would prefer to order over the phone you can do so at:





Blessings to you and your skin!

Aaron and Rebecca Bruce