More About Us

My skin tell me things.

Not out loud. It doesn't scream “Hey! Don't use that product!” or “Don't eat that!”

No, its more like

Well, you should have looked at the ingredients first to see that there is something in this I (your skin) don't like!”

My skin tells me things this way:

being itchy, dry, cracked, pealing, bumpy, hives, rash, feeling like it is crawling all due to things I eat, my environment, and especially what I use on my skin.

I hate putting lotion on.

Hate it with a passion.

Don't like how it burns my skin.

Don't like the sticky, tacky, greasy and gross feel of it.

Don't like the fact you have to keep reapplying it throughout the day.

I have devoted thousands and thousands of hours researching, studying, trying out different skin care/lotion/beauty products.

I discovered that 50% to 70% of a typical lotion – regardless of brand or price point – is water/tea/aloe or a combination of these ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are usually fillers, emulsifiers, thickeners, or exotic-sounding ingredients that are present in the tiniest amount. These are used primarily as a marketing tool with the main objective of attracting sales.

I always wondered why alcohol was added to moisturizers when it actually dries your skin out more.

Never understood why there were chemicals added for dyes and synthetic fragrances.

I also realized so many other people were having sensitivities to products as well.

They have their own skin problems, issues, sensitivities, scent sensitivities, allergies and texture difficulties.

Fast forward to 2009 when I discovered what my skin DOES love:

Shea Butter.

Love at first feel.

My skin couldn't get enough of it.

I used it all the time.

I even bought extra and brought it back with me from my trip to Africa.

In 2010 I married my husband in South Dakota and have lived here ever since.

I shared the last bit of shea butter with co-workers who had their hands raw from washing their hands so often in the healthcare field. In one week I saw a huge difference in their skin and they asked me to bring more shea butter in but I didn't have any more.

We (my husband, Aaron and I) decided there was a huge need for good skin care and we started our company in 2012 called: All Natural Shea Butter.

I didn't want to make products to just make money – I wanted to make good quality products that would help people and were affordable to everyone.

If you have ever tried raw unrefined Shea Butter you will have noticed the semi-soft dense consistency.

We wanted to make it lighter, easier to apply and faster absorbing so we whip it with coconut oil and kokum butter.

We have over 30 different products using different essential oils to promote a healthy lifestyle and more specific needs.

All our ingredients are the highest quality and with my skin sensitivities I've always backed my products with "If I couldn't use it on me then I'm not going to sell it to you!"

We make everything in small batches so everything is as fresh as possible. We create, design, mix, label and make everything ourselves.


We are so appreciative to all our customers over the years who have continually supported our small company and have encouraged us with their wonderful reviews and their testimonies.

All Natural Shea Butter Aaron and Rebecca Bruce